Why join our Club?

The Algarve F1 Fan Club is a way to experience your F1 weekends with the excitement and atmosphere almost as if you’re track-side. We love F1 and there’s nothing better than sharing it with people that love it like you do.
What are the benefits of being a Member?
We have a full-featured Community discussion area that offers interaction with all other members of this Club. These pages are private from unregistered visitors to our Club-Site and exclusively available to our Club Members. This include various specific groups that are part of our members group.

You have a choice of two membership types: Free Membership and Premium Membership.

Free Membership

Premium Membership

  Private Community Area
  Private Community Groups
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  Events RSVP **
  Special Offers & Invites Page
  Attend Events
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  Fee Free € 10.00 (Annual)

** (You may RSVP as a Free Member but requires Premium Membership to be paid when arriving to attend Events)