Terms and Conditions for attending Events

Terms and Conditions for attendance.

  1. Age restriction: 14years and up. This site has no entertainment for children and conditions will not suit younger individuals. Each minor (Between 14 and 18 years) to be accompanied by and adult member.
  2. Dogs allowed but must be permanently leashed. No animals inside the Clubhouse bar area. Animals can remain in the garden and owners are expected to clean up after their animals. No aggressive animals allowed.
  3. We practice responsible serving.
  4. Attendance for Race-Weekend Events at the Algarve F1 Fan Club Clubhouse requires a current Club Membership.
  5. Bad behaviour; Violence, Abusive language, Disrespectful treatment of others and any civil disobedience will not be tolerated. Offenders may be asked to leave.
  6. Every person attending an event will be counted as an attendee and as such will require Club Membership and pay any fee’s associated with such event.
  7. Members will accept the decisions of the owners and organisers of the club as being final in all matters pertaining to the club, its event and premises.