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Shanghai International Circuit
The Chinese Grand Prix is a round of the Formula One World Championship. It is currently held at the Shanghai International Circuit, Jiading, Shanghai, designed by Hermann Tilke. When completed in 2004, it was the most expensive Formula One circuit facility, costing US$240 million.

What Tilke wanted to achieve in the course layout is something that was fairly equal, in that there are an equal number of both right and left-handed corners; something that’s very rare in Formula 1 these days. The track’s design is very free-flowing, which means that overtaking opportunities are at a maximum. In fact, it’s hard to think of another track that has more opportunities than Shanghai.

The track measures 5.451km in total length and offers a number of layouts that can be adjusted for other forms of motor racing as well, more of which we talk about later in this article. The long straight is probably the standout feature to the race as it dives into a narrow hairpin with cars easily reaching speeds in excess of 300km/h.

The design aspect have also taken into account some of the Chinese charm as well, with track being laid out in the shape of a Chinese character (上), meaning above or ascend. Turn 14 is probably the most iconic corner on the circuit, with a tight hairpin after coming out a long straight, offering up great potential for overtaking manoeuvres. Many a race has been won and lost here in the past.

Shanghai: Shi − Lujiazui Central Green Space